What Is You Tube?

Guide To You Tube

What is it?

Youtube is a site that’s used by a variety of people to share their videos so that these can be viewed and shared globally. It’s a place where people who are registered to the site can upload an unlimited amount of videos, whereas unregistered users can only watch the videos.

Who Uses it?

Most content that’s uploaded to Youtube is done by individuals, however businesses also upload content to showcase their products.

Why is it useful to an organisation?

  • Helps to create a buzz about your brand
  • Increases brand awareness
  • There are no costs in uploading a video
  • You can categorise your content into channels if your planning on producing more then a few videos

Are there any limitations?

  • Lack of control in that once a video is posted you can’t control what happens to it
  • Unsustainability in that your video may be seen by millions, but bear in mind that the success won’t last forever
  • Age restrictions apply so bear in mind the content of the video being uploaded, as this could reduce the number of people who are able to watch it

Any top tips?

  • Create and customize your channel
  • Add subtitles so that you can reach a bigger audience
  • Don’t overuse annotations
  • Engage with the rest of the Youtube community
  • Promote your Youtube videos elsewhere to gain higher views
  • Don’t neglect your channel
  • Ensure you link back to your website

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