What Is An Affiliate Network?

Guide To Affiliate Networks

What is it?

An affiliate network acts as the “middle man” between affiliates and merchants. Affiliate networks enable merchants to see affiliate performance and statistics. This enables merchants to get an overall idea of affiliate performance and what has to be done in order to boost sales. Merchants are also able to set their goals around their affiliate performance shown in the affiliate network. Networks share any commission generated by affiliates (although small) and have a fee for joining.

Who Uses it?

The affiliate networks are used by most companies to run their affiliate programmes.

Why is it Useful to an Organisation?

An affiliate network is useful to an organisation as an organisation is able to monitor sales and affiliate performance. They are experts at providing tracking solutions to ensure things happen smoothly.

Affiliate networks already have a base of active affiliates so help push the programmes.


Networks can often be seen as an expensive way to run your affiliate programme, particularly if your programme is very large or very small.

Some networks act in a closed way so they make it difficult to see where your advertising links are located.