What Are Voucher Code Affiliates

A Guide to Voucher Code Affiliates

What Are they?

Voucher Code websites are sites that offer a variety of different codes to consumers. These codes are used as discounts on products. An example of this would be somebody wanting shoes from a retailer. The retailer would put a code/offer on a Voucher Code site and expect more traffic on their site due to the discounted price. The consumer will get the discounted price, the Voucher Code site will get a commission, and the business will get more traffic and a sale.

Who Uses it?

The vast majority of online retailers use Voucher Code sites, although not everyone will realise their codes are listed.


Increase in clicks
Conversion rate of clicks to sales intends to increase
More sales generated

Why is it Useful to an Organisation?

Voucher Code sites are useful for organisations as more sales are often generated through offers. In the current economic climate, consumers are more price sensitive. It also helps retailers sell old stock by creating more customer interest.


The main limitation with Voucher Code websites is cannibalism. Cannibalism happens when the voucher are used by customers who would have made the purchase anyway, so giving away margin on the sale and often spending advertising budget to affiliates.