Price Comparison Websites

Guide to Price Comparison

What is it?

Price Comparison is a site that lists a variety of prices for specific products. So if an individual is looking for something in particular they can search for this on a price comparison site and the search will then come back with a list of selling sites that have the product available to buy, as well as showing the different prices.

Who Uses it?

People who are wanting to get the best price for a specific product that they are wishing to purchase.

Are there any limitations?

If an organisation decides to offer their products via a price comparison site then they’ll need to look in to the other competitors who offer the same products, as they might be selling the same product at an extremely competitive price. As an organisation they’ll need to make sure that they’re able to compete with the current market place competitors prices and come out with a profit.

Any top tips?

Companies do play games such as offering the cheapest price but inflating the delivery charge so do look around.

Example Websites -