What Are Online Competitions

Guide to Competitions

What is it?

Online competitions are used as a marketing tool for a company to help promote overall awareness of their brand. Companies will offer a prize that customers or potential customers can enter to try and win.

Who Uses it?

By running online competitions it hits a massive market of individuals who like to participate in the opportunity of winning something for nothing. If the product up for grabs is something that will interest a broad spectrum of people then the company are more likely to bring in a broader range of customer’s to their site.

Why is it useful to an organisation?

  • Helps to build mailing lists
  • Gains additional links
  • Helps to create a buzz about your brand
  • Brings back repeat visitors
  • Increases brand awareness

Are there any limitations?

  • There are laws that govern competitions
  • How to participate; if there is a free entry route, this must be clearly explained.
  • The end date.
  • How and when the results will be announced; winners’ names must be published or available on request, but promoters must not publish excessively detailed personal information

Any top tips?

  • Make sure that the prize is right as well as the competition that’s going to run is right.
  • Make sure that all promotional tools are up and running in time for the start of the competition.
  • Announce the prize winners and make sure that the prizes are actually sent out.
  • Send users thank you e-mails for participating in the competition.

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