What Are Mobile Websites?

A Guide to Mobile Websites

What is it?

In today’s technological age, Mobile is used frequently. Many different people make transactions via mobile. Many different businesses use mobile in order to generate more sales. Consumers of brands are extremely busy in today’s world. Many people try to juggle their social lives with work and this has made high street shopping fall. Many businesses are willing to push mobile as people are able to buy the items they need on their work break. Mobile allows the consumer to be more flexible and allows them to buy on the go.

Who Uses it?

The consumer is the main mobile user. A business will set up the mobile site and the user will be able to purchase the items they want on the go.

Why is it Useful to an organisation

If your target market are using mobile devices then your sales and customer interactions will improve if you develop an experience thats suits the devices. One area for change is that mobile devices run on 3g so speed is very important as well as screen size. This means that many organisations reduce the size of the sites and number of images.


Mobile marketing does have limitations. To ensure visitors have the correct mobile experience for their device you either have to develop a website that will resize to the device or create a new website that will load just for mobile devices.