What is a Forum

Guide to Forums

What is it?

A forum is an online discussion site designed for people to voice their opinions on a certain subject. There are an array of different forum sites available ranging from hobby websites to professional websites. A forum can contain many different “Sub forums” containing different subjects/topics. The start of any conversation is called the thread where the member of the forum creates the topic to talk about. This opens up to other users who can voice their opinion on the subject.

Who uses it?

There are a whole range of different forums. From forums designed for recreational use to forums set up to discuss business and specific fields within the business sector. Forums are the perfect way to voice your opinion regarding an array of subjects. However, Forums cant be subject of any discrimination. Every forum has moderators who look over conversations posted and decides whether they are fit for viewing. Users of nearly all forums require registration. This enables the forums creators to have the basic information of the poster.


The Limitations of Forums is that some posts can be unprofessional as everybody has the freedom to say what they want. Discussions can sometimes be the subject of immaturity. Spamming can also be an issue with forums. Spamming is the posting of irrelevant comments and links.

Why is it Useful to an Organisation?

Forms are useful to an organisation as organisations can get ideas and opinions on products. This will enable them to make decisions based on consumer opinions. Organisations employee’s can also use forums to discuss work within their sector and gain information about competitors and how they operate. This can also help a business improve as they are able to gather different methods through other companies.

Top Tips

Watch out for spammers while on a forum
Don’t use any inappropriate or any discriminating language as others may be trying to conduct a professional conversation and may get offended.