What is Facebook Marketing

Guide to Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a social web page which offers people to view other peoples pages, create parties and groups and create events and share them around.

Facebook is free to sign up to and it’s an ideal place for business’s to advertise their products for free.

Who uses it?

Business’s use this to promote products and gain stronger relationships with current or potential customers in a more personal way.

Relevant KPI

- Number of likes on a post
- Number of products shared.
- Increased number of followers
- Increase in sales
- Interactions

Why is it useful to an organisation?

- To promote their product(s) and brand further as it is free for them to use.
- To gain a more stronger relationship with potential / current customers by interacting with them directly.
- Creates a higher reach as more people can see your posts because people may share the link or tell someone to check the page out etc. . Passed on through word of mouth.
- Show uniqueness of products.
- It’s free to use and set up, making it free to advertise and promote their products and brand.
- It’s popular, and many people go on it (Approximately 845 million users in 2012) making it more likely for people to come across your page.

Top Tips

* Respond positively to any negative feedback and don’t ignore it
* Use a different range of content methods to engage your audience: Entertain, Educate, Inform and Convince
* Gain peoples trust as it will make people more likely to click on your products
* Keep news up to date
* Set clear objectives/goals.
* Create a plan so as you know what content you’re going to use etc..

Types of Content

Pictures & Videos – Something for an audience to look at other than plain text, to keep them entertained from time to time.

Links within posts – These can be links to other sites informing them more of something you’re talking about within a post (e.g. More information on…)

Plain Text – Just writing simple posts of your choice, whether it be product specific or just a general comment. Sometimes these work better than pictures and videos.

Competitions – Doing competitions with the chance for people to win prizes is a great way to get your company heard, and for people to have fun and get involved.

Reach – The amount of people who have seen your post

Page – This is a Facebook page. Public pages are used for organisations, celebrities, causes and events.

Group – A number of people or things that are located close together or they’re considered/classed together.

Please Note

Facebook offer a paid advertising service where you can buy traffic on a per click basis within the ad spaces that are located around the website.

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