What is Content Marketing

Guide to Content Marketing

Content marketing is a technique of creating different forms of content to engage with current or potential customers. There are many forms of content that can be used. These are a few of the most popular / effective ones used:

- Blog posts
- eNewsletters
- Infographics
- White paper / Downloads

The aim of it is to think of the best kinds of content for the audience you’re trying to reach.

Other marketing formats:
* Creating a Wiki
* An e Book
* A Webinar

There are four main different things to focus on when producing content to help increase the audience. However, this depends on the type of content it is.

Entertain – This can be colourful, visual content instead of plain text to keep the audience interested like: Videos, pictures, infographics. Make some of the posts funny, as this proves to be more effective in some cases. Videos tend to be more popular forms of entertaining content, but all are effective.

Educate – Provide information about company’s brands and products. Aim for titles saying; How? And Why? Keep them interested by educating them on your company etc. Also, the latest news about your company or products is also classed as educating them.

Convince / Inform – Content that keeps then informed and up to date with the latest news about your company / products like: New in, Best sellers, brand specific information, product specific information etc. (depending on the company and what they do).

Inspire – Try to focus on examples throughout the time of the company that have been successful achievements etc. Showcase other achievements that have occurred in the business.

The more interesting content is to the audience, the more likely people are to follow brands on social media sites. However, when producing content you should think like a Publisher NOT an Advertiser!

REACH = This is the amount of people who have seen a post.

50% of British people admit that they’re more likely to click on a story if it’s from someone that they know / trust. This shows that engaging with potential or current customers will build a relationship between you, making it more likely for them to click on your product – “Smartinsights webinar”. Word of mouth is a very effective form of marketing.

* Don’t post loads of content onto your profile, as this will be disruptive and irritating for followers / fans. E.g. Facebook – One Third of US web users had ended social connections with a brand because the company posted too many updates – “Smartinsights webinar”.

* Try and engage with the audience, as this will help create a higher reach. The more you engage, the higher the reach will be. This can be done via phone, email, social media sites and others.

* Create exceptional content with those who are more likely to share it – They may share it via word of mouth, social media, blog etc. Word of mouth being a primary factor.

* Check Clicks to see where sales are coming from and see what needs to be improved.

* LinkedIn and Facebook have shown to be very effective for B2B companies because they can be used to acquire knowledge and questions can be asked from a community.

* Some people find that using more company / self made videos gain a higher number of page views / popularity.

* Videos that are put onto Facebook give it a lot more visibility.

* Make sure websites are Smartphone / Mobile enabled to create more possible sales. 56% of people use a Smartphone / Mobile to search the web and access their emails.

* Plain text posts seem to get more reach than pictures, however this will vary between brands.

* Be creative in the content you use to get more reach. The more unique and creative the content, the more reach you will potentially get.

* If a negative comment is written by someone then respond positively to it. Don’t ignore a negative comment/review though, as again, engaging with them is key in any situation.

* Take a look at where the majority of your fans are based and use that to judge the best time of day to post updates. Weekends and afternoons are good times to post updates, however this isn’t always the case. The best way to know what times and days are best is to test different times and days out, study the results and see which gives you more views, sales and followers.

Useful sites

http://www.ck-blog.com/cks_blog/ – B2B blog